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All The Bens is written by Ian Townsend. It is about to embark on its second production. 


On its first, it won a Manchester Theatre Award for best fringe, the 24:7 Theatre Festival Audience Favourite Show and Equity's Vicky Allen Award.


It is published by PlayDead Press.


Ian also wrote 'The House in Sofia With A Map Of Its Surroundings' which won The Kings Cross new writing award, 'The Lonely Walk Home' which won a special prize at the BBC's Alfred Bradley Bursary award, and 'Being Amazing' which was awarded the Octagon Theatre's inaugural National Prize in 2016.


His other plays include: 'Turn Around' (BBC Radio 3's The Verb), 'As If We Just Held Hands', 'B for Bertie Q for Queenie' and 'Granny Must Die'.

 You can follow Ian on Twitter at @idt62

All The Bens was first seen as part of 
Manchester’s 24:7 theatre festival.
Written by Ian Townsend, it has been the recipient of the Manchester Theatre
Award for Best Fringe, the Audience Favourite at the 24:7 festival, and the Vicky
Allen Memorial Award presented by Equity.


All The Bens is presented by 1974 Productions and Ian Townsend, and is directed by James Schofield

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